What Are Most Common Commercial Build Out Project Types?

Are you wondering about the most common types of commercial build-out projects? Understanding these terms can be crucial when seeking commercial space for your business. In this article, we will discuss the differences between Shell space, Partial Build out, Full Build out, and Spec suites.

Whether you’re planning to set up an office, retail store, dental practice, law office, private school, daycare, cosmetic surgery center, restaurant, or any other business space, this guide will help you navigate the terminology and make informed decisions.

So, let’s get started.

Understanding Existing Commercial Space Conditions

When it comes to commercial real estate, understanding the existing conditions of a space is essential for any business owner. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions about the type of build-out your space requires.
Four common terms you will encounter in this context are Shell space, Partial Build out, Full Build out, and Spec suites.

Shell Space: This refers to a commercial space that has been constructed but not finished. It typically lacks interior walls, flooring, and ceiling finishes. Shell space provides a blank canvas for tenants to customize according to their needs.

Partial Build Out: A partial build-out involves completing only a portion of the space, leaving the rest unfinished. This option allows tenants to save on costs while still customizing part of the space to suit their requirements.

Full Build Out: A full build-out involves completing the entire space according to the tenant’s specifications. This option provides complete customization but is usually more expensive than a partial build-out.

Spec Suites: Spec suites, short for speculative suites, are pre-built office spaces that are ready for immediate occupancy. These spaces are typically fully finished and can be a convenient option for tenants looking to move in quickly without the need for customization.

For business owners seeking commercial space for their office, retail, dentist practice, attorney business, educational spaces for private school or daycare, cosmetic read spaces, restaurants, and other business spaces, understanding these terms can help you communicate effectively with landlords and make informed decisions about the type of space that best suits your needs.

Now let’s discuss these terms in detail.

Commercial Spaces Terms in Brief

Now you know the basics of each commercial spaces discussed above. It’s time to learn more about them as each type of space offers its unique advantages and challenges, depending on the needs and goals of the tenant.
So, let’s explore these options in more detail.

Shell Space

Shell space is often seen as a blank canvas for tenants, providing the utmost freedom in design and customization. This type of space is ideal for businesses with unique operational requirements or those seeking to create a branded environment that aligns with their corporate identity.

Tenants can tailor every aspect of the interior, from the layout and materials to the lighting and fixtures, ensuring that the space perfectly reflects their vision.
However, this level of customization comes with its own set of challenges. The upfront costs of designing and building out a shell space can be significantly higher than moving into a pre-finished space.

Additionally, the preparation time required to transform a shell space into a fully functional office or retail area can be lengthy, potentially impacting the timeline for opening or expanding a business.

Partially Built-Out Space

Partially built-out spaces often serve as a middle ground between shell spaces and fully finished areas. These spaces typically include some existing infrastructure, such as walls, flooring, and basic utilities, which can reduce the time and expense required for a full build-out.

This can be particularly appealing for businesses looking to minimize costs and move in more quickly.

However, the remnants of a previous tenant’s layout and design choices can also pose challenges. Adapting the space to suit a new tenant’s specific needs may require extensive modifications, including demolition and reconstruction.
This process can be complex and costly, depending on the extent of the changes needed. Tenants must carefully assess whether the existing features of a partially built- out space align with their requirements and budget.

Fully Built-Out Space

For tenants seeking convenience and minimal downtime, fully built-out spaces are often the most appealing option. These spaces are ready for immediate occupancy, with all necessary fixtures, finishes, and amenities already in place.
This turnkey solution allows businesses to focus on their operations without worrying about the complexities of a commercial interior build-out project.

However, fully built-out spaces may come with their own set of considerations. The existing layout and features of the space may have been designed with a previous tenant’s needs in mind, which might not align perfectly with the new tenant’s requirements.

Additionally, some elements of the space, such as fixtures or technology, may be outdated and require updates or replacements. Tenants must evaluate the space’s suitability for their current and future needs, considering both the functional aspects and the aesthetic appeal.

Spec Suites

Spec suites, or speculative suites, offer a modern solution for businesses looking for a balance between customization and convenience. These spaces are typically developed by landlords with the aim of attracting tenants quickly.

They are designed with contemporary trends in mind, featuring modern finishes, functional layouts, and often, pre-installed amenities like furniture and communication systems.

Spec suites are particularly attractive to tenants who need a new space on a tight timeline but still want some level of personalization. These spaces are generally move- in ready, with the added benefit of being designed with a generic business model in mind, allowing for minor modifications to suit specific tenant needs.

However, while spec suites offer a quicker and often less costly alternative to full build- outs, tenants may still need to compromise on certain aspects of the design or layout that are not fully aligned with their ideal vision.

Final Words

In conclusion, when choosing between shell space, partially built-out space, fully built- out space, and spec suites, tenants must consider their priorities, budget, timeline, and the degree of customization they desire. Each option presents its own set of advantages and challenges, and the right choice will depend on the specific needs and goals of the business.

Whether you’re a tenant seeking to build out your commercial space partially or fully, or a landlord in need of specific build-out specifications, we are here to help with our proven system.

Our expertise in creating move-in-ready commercial spaces ensures that your business needs are met with precision and efficiency. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards your ideal commercial space.

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